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  1. The main question people are asking upon the release of Death Note on Netflix is: does Light die in Death Note? To put it simply, yes. Light Yagami ultimately dies because Ryuk, the Shinigami who dropped the Death Note, writes his name in the deadly notebook. Shortly after he writes his name down, Light is shot with a bullet
  2. Death Note already has a much different formula than the rest of the series in the magazine but even so, the villain lost just like always. The series would have been much more interesting and impactful if the good guys didn't win. There are even rumors that the writers were told that they couldn't let Light win because he was evil. 9 Near Was Unsatisfying. Let's be honest: Near was one of the.
  3. Update: You can read about it in the first episode of Death Note where Ryuk talks about killing Light using his death note at 14:50 into the episode. And regarding what happens to Light after he dies is probably the Shinigami realm where his life span becomes equal to the number of lives he has taken using the death note
  4. Kurou Otoharada (音原田 九郎) - Died of a heart attack when Light wrote his name in his Death Note. Takuo Shibuimaru (渋井丸 拓男) - Hit by a truck when Light wrote his name in his Death Note. 304 People - Names shown written in the Death Note by Light. Each page has 38 lines and Light wrote eight vertical rows of names on two pages
  5. Schockiert von der Echtheit des Death Note, kämpft Light einige Tage mit seinem Gewissen, vor allem mit der Tatsache, dass er zwei Menschen getötet habe. Doch schon bald siegt sein Gerechtigkeitssinn: Light ist der Meinung, dass sich doch nichts geändert habe und die Welt nach wie vor verdorben ist
  6. Light kills L 2/3 of the way through, L's helper person that starts with a W dies, Light's dad dies, Mello dies, Misa commits suicide, the guy that helps Light is killed, and Light gets shot to death by Matsuda, then Ryuk rights Light's name in the death note. L dies because Light did an elaborate plan involving Rem, where if Rem didn't kill L.

Death Note - Light Yagami Dies & End Credits

According to the anime, and rules of the Death Note, all humans go to MU (Nothingness) when they die. That means that once a human is dead, there is nothing waiting for them elsewhere; they cease to exist As soon as Light realizes just how dangerous it would be to let anyone else find out about the Death Note, he concocts the perfect plan. Essentially, he decided it was wiser to set his family's house on fire than to have anyone discover the notebook when he isn't home. He very eerily narrates while setting everything up that if anything goes wrong, he may have to kill his entire family

Death Note Ending Explained: Does Light Die in Death Note

Dies hat er nur gesagt, um Light zu manipulieren, sodass er bei den Ermittlungen weiter mitmacht. L hat einmal zugegeben, dass er seine Eigenschaft zu lügen nicht besonders mag und davor sogar Angst hat. Er sieht sich selbst als lügendes Monster. L talks to Wammy's House children - (Death Note Relight 2 L's Successors) Aussehen Bearbeiten. L ist ein sehr untergewichtiger, großer, junger. Add in mentions of deaths in this video including just names seen written in the death note, as you know any persons name written in the death note will die... デスノート, Desu Nōto) ist eine Manga -Serie, die von 2003 bis 2006 nach einer Geschichte von Tsugumi Ōba vom japanischen Zeichner Takeshi Obata gezeichnet wurde. Sie handelt vom Schüler Light Yagami, der mit einem gefundenen Heft - dem Death Note - andere Menschen töten kann The Death Note, which gives Light what you might call his powers, is a special notebook owned by a Shinigami, a god of Death, named Ryuk. If Light writes any person's name into the.

Another difference is that Light meets Ryuk right after killing Shibuimaru with the Death Note. At the end of the first movie, Light reluctantly kills his girlfriend, Shiori Akino, and frames her death as a murder and reason to foster hatred for Kira, in order to join the Kira investigation team as a result of their sympathy This page is for IQs form Death note( fan characters are allowed ) Intelligence rank Note: This ranking system is mostly for canon. The fan mades can choice to follow this system or not 1/10=1+ 2/10=50+ 3/10=85+ 4/10=105+ 5/10=115+ 6/10=125+ 7/10=150+ 8/10=190+ 9/10=210+ 10/10=220+ Canon note: the IQs for canon are based on option and the ranking system above. Light Yagami: 200 L Lawliet: 250. Light's plan is to burn Watari's page in the Death Note before his time his up, thus sparing his life. However, as Light speaks to him over the phone he discovers that his page is ripped out of the.. SPOILER ALERT Well there are two endings one of manga and other is of anime anime In the Anime, Yagami Light, Near, Matsuda and all the squad are in a sort of warehouse. When Light tries to get the piece of paper of his Death Note from the watch,.

In Death Note: The Last Name, Sayu appears at the Sakura TV festival and causes a small incident when Kanzo Mogi dies and unknowingly temporarily shocks Misa Amane. The incident results in having Soichiro and Light pick her up leading to Misa chancing upon Light with her Shinigami Eyes welcome to a anime theory video,i discuss the 37 episode anime and the two death note relight movies. Today, we cover the ever-popular Death Note theory rega.. And to wrap things up, the jacker is killed when he sees Ryuk, flees the bus in terror, and dies to a car accident. 6 Raye and the FBI Team. This scheme is a continuation of the bus jacking. Now that Light knows Raye's name and the FBI's involvement in the Kira case, Light takes action. Using pre-prepared Death Note pages, envelopes, and a small radio, he corners Raye in a subway and.

Death Note: 10 Reasons The Series Should Have Ended When L

  1. Wenn ich ein death note besitzen würde würde ich wie Light die Welt besser machen, aber es nicht übertreiben und zu einem Gott werden wollen!. Anfangs war ich auch Kiras Seite da er da noch normal war und ich ihn verstand, aber nach und nach veränderte er sich und wurde ein richtiger Idiot! Deshalb würde ich L den Sieg wünschen da er korrekt ist. Bin aber trotzdem noch auf der Seite von.
  2. 取引 Handel: 17.10.2006 18.04.2009 Ryuk, der Todesgott, der das Death Note in die Menschenwelt fallen ließ, warnt Light vor einem Verfolger. Da Light nicht herausfinden kann, wer ihm auf der Spur ist, bietet ihm Ryuk einen erschreckenden Handel an. 0
  3. Death Note; Storyline. The events and happenings in Death Note start out in Shinigami home of the death god Ryuk, who has apparently dropped his book 'Death Note' on earth after boredom drove him to visit the planet. A 17-year-old genius High School Student Light Yagami notices the said book in the middle of the street and picks it up. With.
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